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Resolve Your Staffing Challenges by Gaining Access to:

  • Tailored Semi-Senior and Senior,
  • Out-of-the-Box Thinking,
  • Fully Committed Professionals.
  • Who Work From Their Homes In Argentina




FIRST LAYER OF VERIFICATION — Previous employers verification. SECOND LAYER OF VERIFICATION — Academic Certification filter. COMPACT REPORT.




HOT SALARIES — 10% to 30% above average. EXTREMELY ATTENTIVE HR MODERATOR — Salary, mental health, ethical treatment, etc. SYRUPY 10% LOYALTY BONUS — At the end of the contract. PULPY PERKS — More than 10 benefits.


AUSSIE-NIGHT TIME RKTs — RKTs working during Australian night time. STANDARD AUSSIE-TIME RKTs — RKTs working during Australian daytime. MIXED SCHEDULE RKTs — RKTs for any mix of shift times. RESPONSIVE HR SUPPORT.


TRANSPARENT PROCESS — Only RKTs that can pass formal English tests are shortlisted. FINICKY ENGLISH REPORT — Listen up to the selected RKTs' English Tests.




5-STAR REFERENCE PROCESS — Double checking references with previous employers. DETAILED REFERENCE REPORT.



RKTs are trained during the Onboarding stage.


ISOLATED ISLAND CLAUSE — RKTs can’t hassle YOU for a visa.


We absorb the difference between Regular Hours and Overtime.


ENDLESS SUNRISE — RKTs can work during Argentinian and/or Australian Public Holidays. TAILORED PUBLIC HOLIDAY SCHEDULE — Custom year calendar.


CURATED DATABASE ACCESS — We provide you with details on the most up-to-date Remote Key Talent (RKT) database across all of Argentina. HR 3-MICHELIN-RATED MAIN — Listen up to the selected RKTs' English Tests. EASY-GOING STAFF — We listen!. STARVING EMPLOYERS NEED VIP ATTENTION — We’re quick and we notify.

Get Access To


Explore elite global talent through our Remote Key Talent program, offering direct access to top-tier professionals ready to propel your projects forward.



Tailored solutions and out-of-the-box thinking define our Remote Key Talent. From their homes in Argentina, these semi-senior and senior professionals are fully committed to your project's success, ensuring high-quality results regardless of geographical boundaries.



Key to our strategy is a rigorous selection process, ensuring that each professional not only meets but exceeds the required standards. Our Remote Key Talent are renowned for their reliability, creativity, and unwavering loyalty, making them indispensable assets to your team.



Our Talent pool consists of highly skilled individuals across 34 professions, all rigorously vetted for their expertise and ability to integrate smoothly with international teams. With a 92% success rate, we connect you with professionals who drive your business forward efficiently and effectively.

Important Things You Should Know


We’re sorry to hear about your previous challenges. It’s important to recognize that there are high-performing professionals in every country. Our focus at Staff Overseas is on recruiting Remote Key Talent (RKT) who represent the pinnacle of their professions. Your experiences might have been with providers like call centers or Low-Cost Centers, which often prioritize operational savings over quality. Our approach is different. Our HR team meticulously selects the best talent for each specific role, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

The concept of Remote Key Talent (RKT) is central to our business model. We do not base our selection on nationality but on the individual merits and qualifications of each candidate.

Imagine you’re leading a project and identify an inefficient method being used. Would you speak up and suggest improvements based on your expertise, or would you simply follow the given instructions to the letter? Our Remote Key Talents (RKTs) are encouraged to think and act proactively, just as you would, to not only meet but exceed expectations and seize every opportunity for enhancement.

Moreover, explore our additional support for a worry-free experience…


Our Attentive HR Moderator ensures a smooth onboarding process for Remote Key Talent (RKTs) by acquainting them with essential documents, company values, key personnel, and essential contacts, such as IT support, etc.

Seamless Onboarding:

Our diligent HR moderator plays an active role in managing the integration and productivity of RKTs. They oversee the transition process, monitor progress, and ensure alignment with the company’s values, facilitating a seamless integration into the team.

Friendly Dispute Resolution:

While we strive for harmony, occasional misunderstandings or conflicts may arise. Our Attentive HR Moderator is equipped to address and resolve such issues promptly, ensuring they are managed before escalating.

We understand your preference for hiring Australian residents and recognize the efforts you’ve put into finding suitable local candidates. However, the ongoing shortage of qualified candidates often leads to two less-than-ideal outcomes:

  1. Hiring candidates who do not meet your standards.
  2. Competing for talent in a tight market or attempting to manage recruitment in-house, which often proves challenging.

To bridge this gap until the right onshore candidates are available, we offer a practical solution: RKTs on short-term contracts (6 or 12 months). A distinctive aspect of our service, compared to other offshore outsourcing companies, is our collaborative approach. We work closely with you to create a balanced mix of onshore and offshore personnel, comprising world-class employees. While your HR department focuses on recruiting locally, we handle the offshore management. Our attentive HR moderator will coach and organize the offshore team, enabling you to benefit from this dynamic combination.

Consider the Future:

A potential scenario down the line is choosing between continuing with loyal, innovative, and hardworking RKTs or opting for local hires who may be less reliable, more costly, and potentially transient, quickly moving on to the next opportunity.

Other Reasons Businesses Choose to Outsource:

Focus on Core Business Functions: Outsourcing with SOS allows you to minimize time spent on non-essential administrative tasks, refocusing efforts on core business activities.

Access to Specialized Knowledge: Leveraging RKTs from a country with free, world-class universities can dramatically change the game, bringing in fresh expertise and perspectives.

Risk Reduction: Diversifying your team with SOS means spreading your operational risks, enhancing the resilience and flexibility of your workforce.

This strategy not only fills immediate staffing needs but also strengthens your long-term capability to manage and scale your operations effectively.

There have been numerous reports in the media highlighting fraudulent academic qualifications:

Renowned Indian University Sells 36,000 Fake Degrees

Thousands of UK nationals have bought fake degrees from a multi-million pound ‘diploma mill’ in Pakistan, according to a BBC Radio 4’s File on Four programme investigation.

Online cheats: the rise of ‘fake’ degrees in Malaysia

Given the prevalence of such cases, it’s understandable that there might be concerns about the legitimacy of foreign degrees. At Staff OverSeas, our priority is to maintain the highest standards of integrity and trustworthiness. This leads us to our next point of reassurance…


At Staff OverSeas, our rigorous HR process ensures the authenticity of qualifications through a comprehensive two-part authentication process.

First Layer of Verification:

Our dedicated HR team conducts thorough background checks, including extensive reference calls to previous employers. We go the extra mile to verify the authenticity of claimed achievements, such as inspecting physical projects (e.g., buildings) purportedly completed by the candidate, to confirm their actual engineering skills.

Second Layer of Verification:

More critically, our process requires candidates to provide two key documents:

  • A certified copy of their university degree.
  • The “Analítico” – a detailed certificate listing all courses and grades achieved throughout their academic career.

Our team ensures that both documents are officially issued and certified by the respective educational institutions, maintaining a strict standard of verification.

Compact Report:

Upon completion of these steps, our HR department compiles a detailed report, providing you with a clear and concise verification summary. This ensures that you can make informed decisions with confidence.

Absolutely not. We ensure that our RKTs are committed to your project from start to finish and beyond. Our selection process involves 5 to 10 skilled HR experts who carefully search for the most suitable and loyal RKTs, ensuring they are the perfect fit for your project’s long-term needs.

In Australia, top professionals are highly sought after, often receiving calls from headhunters weekly. We understand the disruption and productivity loss that can occur when team members leave unexpectedly. Conversely, in Argentina, the economic environment is significantly different:

– University education is free, leading to a high number of qualified professionals.

– Job opportunities are limited, and local wages are low, making positions at international companies highly attractive.

To combat potential turnover, we’ve implemented the Generous RKTs Retention Policy. This policy ensures:

– RKTs are satisfied and meet deadlines efficiently.

– Retention of RKTs until the end of the contract.

– A significant increase in productivity.

Hot Salaries:

We offer wages that are 10% to 30% higher than the local average, absorbing the high inflation rates in Argentina, allowing RKTs to enjoy a stable financial income.

Moreover, the “Attentive HR Moderator” handles any issues related to salary, mental health, ethical treatment, and day-to-day challenges, ensuring RKTs have comprehensive support throughout their tenure.

Syrupy 10% Loyalty Bonus: 

At the end of their contract, RKTs receive a 10% loyalty bonus as a reward for their dedication and hard work.

Pulpy Perks:

Our RKTs also enjoy numerous benefits designed to enhance their job satisfaction and personal well-being, including:

– Gym memberships.

– Annual bonuses tied to holiday activities and outings.

– Regular company social events and cinema tickets for family outings.

– Comprehensive family-focused benefits such as scholarships, full private medical insurance, child care assistance, restaurant and grocery vouchers, birthday celebrations, Christmas hampers, and an annual public transport ticket.

Quick Note: Some perks are included as part of the RKTs’ contract, while additional benefits are awarded based on exceptional performance.

You’re worried that the 13-hour time difference between Argentina and Australia might pose a challenge? Let’s address that concern with practical solutions. Our team at Staff OverSeas is strategically located both in Argentina and in Australia, allowing us to operate seamlessly across time zones.


Aussie-Nighttime RKTs:

We offer time-shifted schedules where RKTs can work during the Australian nighttime. This flexibility ensures that workflow continues smoothly, matching your business hours as needed.

Standard Aussie-Time RKTs:  

If you prefer more conventional working hours, RKTs can also align their schedules directly with their Australian colleagues. We handle the logistics of the night shift allowances required by Argentine law, ensuring there are no additional costs to you.

Mixed Schedule RKTs:

For optimal flexibility, we can arrange for some RKTs to work standard Australian hours while others complete tasks overnight. This combination minimizes office distractions and maximizes productivity.

Responsive HR Support:

Our skilled HR team is committed to providing you with the flexibility you need. If an RKT needs time off for personal reasons, such as a doctor’s appointment, our attentive HR moderator manages these adjustments smoothly, ensuring minimal disruption to your project.

Additionally, you will receive regular updates from our HR moderator about Argentine holidays and any upcoming days off, keeping you well-informed and prepared for any changes in the RKTs’ schedules.

Certainly! Our approach here truly sets us apart. Let’s dive into the specifics:


When it comes to managing overtime, public holidays, vacation days, sick leave, maternity leave, and time off for any other reason, you can relax and focus on your project without worrying about these variables.

Flat Hourly Rate:

With Staff OverSeas, you pay a single flat hourly rate. We handle the financial adjustments for any variations in actual work hours. This means:

  • Overtime on a Normal Day, Public Holidays, or Vacation:

Overtime, regardless of whether it occurs on a regular day, during a vacation, or on public holidays, is managed seamlessly by us. The intricacies of managing different types of overtime in Argentina—each varying by day and time slot—are all taken care of. You are charged only the normal hourly rate for any overtime hours, with no additional fees. We absorb any cost differences, ensuring simplicity and transparency in billing.

  • Sickness, Maternity, Accident, Time Off (For Any Reason):

If RKTs work less than their scheduled hours due to sickness, maternity, accidents, or any other reason, you will receive a credit for these hours on your monthly financial statement. This ensures that you only pay for the actual hours worked, adding an extra layer of financial efficiency to our services.

Additional Information:

The standard annual work hours for Argentinians, assuming a 40-hour work week, total 1,840 hours. This calculation excludes two weeks of leave and 20 public holidays, which are absorbed by us, meaning these do not impact your cost or project scheduling.

Project-Based Pay:

For project-based roles, consider opting for a fixed-price contract. This arrangement is straightforward where you won’t have to worry about managing leaves or calculating overtime.

This structure is designed to free you from the administrative burdens typically associated with managing offshore teams, allowing you to enjoy a straightforward and predictable collaboration with your RKTs.

Absolutely, technical standards and regulations can vary significantly from one country to another, and even within regions in Australia. We’ve anticipated this issue and have developed a straightforward approach to ensure compatibility.

Easy Technical Standards Match:

Our Attentive HR Moderator plays a key role in this process. They will contact you to gather all necessary technical standards, training packages, jargon lists, acronyms, and any company-specific terminology that needs to be understood. This information is then integrated into our onboarding process, ensuring that all RKTs are well-prepared and fully comprehend the standards and terminology specific to your project.

No worries at all. We’ve simplified the payment process to avoid any complications related to international transactions.


Streamlined International Payment Solution:

You can make payments directly to SOS Australia here in Australia using Australian dollars. This setup eliminates the need for international transfers and simplifies your accounting processes.

Tax & GST Deductible Pack:

  • All payments are tax-deductible.
  • GST paid can be claimed back on your quarterly BAS Statement.
  • No PAYG Withholding tax is required for these international payments; we handle that for you.

Transparent Fixed Pricing Structure:

You only pay a fixed price contract in AUD, based on actual hours worked per month or project-based pay. This provides clarity and consistency in budgeting, as outlined in our “Dreamy Cost Absorption” policy.

Normal Accounts Payable System:

Making payments is as straightforward as handling any local transaction. SOS can be paid through your regular accounts payable system, just like any other creditor.

Efficient Monthly Reconciliation System:

We recommend setting up regular monthly payments to keep things streamlined. Once a year, we’ll reconcile any debits or credits to account for RKTs’ absences or additional hours worked, ensuring everything balances smoothly.

CEO & Supportive Account Manager Personalized Attention:

Should you encounter any issues with payments, unclear fees, or discrepancies in hours worked, our dedicated team is available during Australian business hours to provide immediate assistance and resolve any concerns.

This approach ensures that you can focus on your core business activities without the stress of managing complex international payments.

Good question! While Spanish is the national language of Argentina, the country boasts the highest English proficiency among all Latin American nations. Interestingly, Argentina’s level of English proficiency surpasses that of India, Hong Kong, Spain, France…

For more detailed insights into Argentina’s English proficiency, you can refer to various resources and indexes that evaluate and rank countries based on their English language skills:

– Latin America: level of English proficiency 2021, by country

– In which Latin American countries do people speak the best English? | Staffing América Latina

– EF EPI 2023 – EF English Proficiency Index

– Languages of Argentina – Wikipedia

However, we at Staff OverSeas take nothing for granted when it comes to language skills.


Transparent Process:

1) All RKTs undergo an initial language assessment conducted by our skilled bilingual experts.

2) Our bilingual experts then meticulously shortlist candidates who demonstrate the potential to achieve high scores in formal international English language testing systems such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.

Finicky English Report:

1) You will receive a detailed report outlining the thorough assessment process.

2) Additionally, you can listen to recordings of the tests conducted with the top 3 RKT candidates.

3) You have the opportunity to verify these results personally through a video call interview.

4) Ultimately, you will be confident in your selection, finding the clarity and transparency of our process as impeccable as advertised.


Mint Report from You:

Feedback such as “She completes her tasks exceptionally quickly,” “She integrates well with the team,” and “She is a crucial member of our team,” highlights the outstanding performance and positive impact of our RKTs.

Sharp Attendance:

Observations include “He is consistently the first to log into Zoom meetings” and “He seldom misses a workday.” These indicators reflect the reliability and dedication of our team members.

Copious Contactability:

Our RKTs are noted for their dependable communication, always being reachable and responsive to calls and messages, ensuring seamless interaction and accessibility.

Healthy Relationship with Attentive HR Moderator:

Our RKTs maintain excellent relations with the Attentive HR Moderator, with no intervention required. Comments like “Always speaks positively about his employer and colleagues” underscore the harmonious and professional work environment we foster.

These components are crucial for a comprehensive assessment of our RKTs’ performance, ensuring all aspects of their professional contributions are recognized and valued.

No need for you to handle reference checks. Our Talented HR Crew has it covered. With over 16 years of industry experience, our team ensures a thorough vetting process.


We adhere to the principle that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Our process is streamlined yet highly effective, consisting of:

5-Star Reference Process:

Our Picky HR Filterer and Diligent HR Assistant are committed to delivering the most thoroughly vetted RKTs to you. They work meticulously to ensure that all references are checked and validated.

Detailed Reference Report:

We provide you with a detailed report of our comprehensive verification process, allowing you to see beyond mere claims and giving you a clear view of their proven capabilities and history. This ensures that you can trust in the professionalism and reliability of our RKTs.

Rest assured, we are not a stealth immigration visa service like many offshore companies. Our model focuses on providing remote services without relocating our staff.


Isolated Island Clause:

No need to worry. It’s explicitly stated in the RKTs’ contracts that they are not to pressure you into facilitating a visa for them to come to Australia. This ensures you can enjoy a hassle-free collaboration.

We have several reasons for keeping our RKTs comfortably in their homeland of Argentina:

– We aim to supplement the Australian workforce without displacing local jobs, filling in professional gaps temporarily until suitable local talent is found.

– Avoiding any pressure on you from RKTs about relocating helps maintain a positive working relationship, which is essential for both parties, and aligns with our operational ethos.

RKTs’ Mindset:

Our RKTs are very content to adhere to the Staff OverSeas rules because they benefit from excellent treatment under our Generous RKTs Retention Policy.

Still concerned? Consider this scenario under control, as our Attentive HR Moderator is always available to manage any issues. Should an RKT overstep this boundary, you can report it directly to your HR Moderator for appropriate disciplinary actions.

What if, after a successful professional engagement, you decide to bring an RKT to Australia?

That is entirely possible but only with your express written consent. It is important to note that RKTs are prohibited from initiating discussions about relocation. This ensures that any decision about visa sponsorship remains entirely in your hands.

We recognize that time is a valuable asset, and you may have had experiences with recruitment partnerships in the past that added to your workload rather than reducing it. We understand the importance of trust in these relationships. Given your interest in our services, you might be contemplating the efficiency of outsourcing your recruitment needs to us.


Consider our Talented HR Crew as an extension of your own team. We aim to integrate seamlessly with your operations, minimizing the impact on your daily activities while maximizing recruitment efficiency.

Curated Database Access:

Are you interested in RKT availability within a specific industry? Our Accommodating HR Admin continuously refines our database of candidates, ensuring rapid and accurate updates on available talent. This allows you to focus on other critical aspects of your business without the need to micromanage recruitment details.

Comprehensive HR Support:

From understanding your requirements to finalizing the engagement and beyond, our team of over ten Talented HR Experts is dedicated to providing thorough support throughout the recruitment process.

Professional Staff Interaction:

It’s crucial that interactions with our staff are positive and productive. At SOS, we prioritize:

Attentive Listening: We take the time to fully understand your needs and preferences without rushing or interrupting.

Adaptive Flexibility: We acknowledge that business needs can evolve. We are prepared to make necessary adjustments to accommodate changes swiftly and efficiently.

Reliable Communication: We adapt to your preferred communication methods, ensuring consistent and effective dialogue.


Timely Execution:

 Typical outsourcing processes can extend from six months to a year. Our objective is to expedite this, aiming to complete setups within 40 days.

Regular Updates:

 We commit to keeping you informed at every significant phase of the process, ensuring you are never left uncertain about the next steps.

Our approach is designed to manage the complexities of recruitment with minimal input required from you, allowing you to remain focused on your core business activities.

That’s a valid concern! Indeed, the public holidays in Australia and Argentina only coincide for Easter, Christmas, and New Year, which amounts to about 20 days per year when either your Australian team or the RKTs might not be available.


Endless Sunrise:

Building on the “Flexible RKTs’ Schedule” we discussed earlier, we’ve developed a continuity plan specifically for managing public holidays. Given the economic context in Argentina, our RKTs are generally willing to work through their own public holidays. This ensures that while your Australian team enjoys their well-deserved holidays, your projects continue to progress without interruption.

Tailored Public Holiday Schedule:

You can tailor a working year calendar to include all the public holidays that matter to your operation. Our Accommodating HR Admin and Wild HR Hunters then work to align the RKTs’ schedules to fit this custom calendar perfectly.

As part of our “Dreamy Cost Absorption” policy, any work done on these public holidays is charged at the regular hourly rate, without any additional overtime charges. This simplifies your planning and budgeting, ensuring that operations run smoothly, even on holidays.

This approach not only keeps the workflow consistent but also provides a win-win solution by aligning the RKTs’ availability with your business needs, ensuring continuous productivity.

We understand. After all, there’s nothing like the cherry on top. That’s why we also added these bonuses:


Recall the “Finicky English Report” which verifies our RKTs’ proficiency in English? Building on that, we offer an additional benefit for employers who prioritize verified language skills. This guarantee provides international validation of our candidates’ English language qualifications, ideal for those who value detailed and extensive conversations with their team members.

Comprehensive Language Certification at No Extra Charge:

We offer an IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE test for RKTs without any additional cost to you:

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System): We ensure that RKTs have achieved a minimum score of 6.0 in each of the four modules: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): Assessment results must show a minimum score of 12 in listening, 13 in reading, 21 in writing, and 18 in speaking.
  • PTE (Pearson Academic Test): RKTs are required to achieve a minimum score of 50 in each module of listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

If the selected RKT does not already possess a valid test report taken within the last 2-3 years at the time of contract signing, you can request that they take one of these assessments.

Logistical Support for Testing:

We also provide transportation for RKTs to take the IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE tests at certified institutes in Buenos Aires or other locations in Argentina, ensuring easy access to testing facilities.

This guarantee reinforces our commitment to providing highly qualified RKTs, ensuring they meet your communication standards and contribute effectively to your team’s success.


At SOS, teamwork is a core value, and we aim to foster this with every partnership. Our primary objective is to ensure robust and enduring integration between your Australian and Argentine teams.

Game Plan:

Effective team integration is rooted in respect, open communication, strategic alignment, and a deep understanding of your needs. To this end, our Attentive HR Moderator facilitates up to six game plan meetings involving the Supervisor and HR Representative from your company. These sessions are designed to align goals and set the foundation for successful collaboration.

Team Building Coaching:

While we focus on integrating teams, it’s crucial to remember that we’re really bringing people together—individuals with unique needs, desires, strengths, and weaknesses. For ease of reference, we term this initiative “Team Building Coaching.”

Our Attentive HR Moderator conducts up to twelve team-building sessions over a six-month period. These sessions are meticulously planned, each requiring eight hours of preparation by the HR Moderator, to foster a cohesive group of offshore and onshore professionals. The aim is for the team to reach a level of collaboration and care for one another that mirrors the cohesion of well-integrated sports teams.

This structured approach not only enhances team dynamics but also solidifies the professional bond between team members across continents, ensuring productive and harmonious interactions.

Ask Us Anything, Anytime.

We’re eager to address your questions and tailor our services to fit your needs. Reach out anytime — we’re here to help!